The thirst is real at work

My co-workers always see me talking to “hot Asian chicks” and ask why I can’t hook them up & convince them to work here. Maybe they sense the vibe so they don’t even wanna bother lmao.

Confessions of a grocery store employee

The leftover rotisserie chickens that don’t sell get scrapped to make chicken Caesar salad. So the already processed meat gets even more processed with being preserved in a salad.

All the discount/clearance stuff is recycling broken product which someone else returned and already opened.

To be continued

Ughh why can’t creepy single dads stop hitting on me?!

A rare moment at work, as I woke up late from a party the nite before so I rushed & had make up on. Creepy weirdo #1 asked what ethnicity I was, and when I corrected him he said that was a hot combination…then creepy weirdo #2 comes in with his son & tries to pick up on me in front of his son.

Fuck yeah ‘Merica!

First holiday off in 2.5 yrs at work & only day off this week after seven days straight. Time to party hardy at the annual Harley Davidson meet up in Hollister. Then off to a party but I can get shit faced because AAA will offer me a free tow ride home! Stay safe followers + don’t do anything silly like blow your hand off from a firework.